Zeen | Next Generation Magazine WordPress Theme v3.8.0 nulled

Zeen | Next Generation Magazine WordPress Theme v3.8.0 nulled

Zeen is a next generation magazine WordPress theme. You’ve literally never seen or used a magazine that looks or works like this before. Zeen can quickly be mastered by users of any skill level. Power your creative ideas and create a beautiful, silky-smooth and highly unique magazine, blog, newspaper, reviews site or even full blown WooCommerce shop.

Everything in Zeen was completely built from the ground up. This approach allowed the theme to embrace the very latest cutting-edge technologies around, undergo deep design explorations and re-think the established way of doing things. This has resulted in Zeen having incredible performance and is very likely the fastest theme of its kind ever made. Some Zeen demos score a perfect 100/100 score on GTMetrix (links to reports are further down) and the rest are all mid to high 90s. The theme is impressively flexible, intuitive and customisable. Best of all, you can create almost any magazine layout you can imagine without touching a single line of code. Users can become pro users in no time and it is so moldable that even savvy visitors will not be able to tell what theme is being used by simply looking at the site any more.

Zeen was designed by an experienced designer, coded by an experienced coder, optimised by an experienced SEO specialist and all to create an unbeatable product that can help you take your site to a whole new level. Codetipi also provides friendly and helpful customer support. No wonder Codetipi is the #1 rated Power Elite author on Themeforest.

Zeen for Magazines, Blogs, Newspapers or Review sites
Zeen’s groundbreaking design, flexibility and small learning curve make it perfect for sites of any size, from the biggest to the smallest. Zeen is the ideal WordPress theme for any magazine, blog, newspaper, personal diary, photo-stories, affiliate sites and even full-blown WooCommerce shops.
The Zeen demos can all be imported with one click and provides inspiration on how the theme could potentially be used on a site of any niche, including technology, food, videogames, minimal, personal, lifestyle and fashion. Features from the demos can all be mixed and matched too.

Tipi Builder (World Exclusive)
The next generation Tipi Builder app (included free) allows you to turn all your creative ideas into real beautiful layouts that can then be used on your homepage, category pages, tag pages and even custom taxonomies pages. The Tipi Builder is truly an industry game-changer that will improve your workflow and increase the enjoyment you get from maintaining your site. A lot of site owners generally avoid making changes to their sites (particularly the homepage) out of fear of breaking something or simply because their current method is done through an overly complex builder with clunky user experience. Tipi Builder changes all of this. Starting with a beautiful modern interface that is easy, powerful and pleasure to use. It is 100% frontend and allows users of any level to become pros after one full session. The Tipi Builder opens up new possibilities to calmly experiment with layouts/options as you only need to publish when you are 100% happy and ready. Watch the Tipi Builder In-depth first lookvideo to see it in action. Here are a just a few highlights:
Possibly the smallest learning curve of any WordPress builder ever made. If you watch the entire intro video here you’ll have all the knowledge you need to use the builder like a pro.
Everything is included and unlocked. No “locked upgrades” that require a subscription or extra payments to unlock more features.
Blocks can be set to show posts/pages/products and even custom post types, which if you have any, will automatically appear as an option.
Blocks look great instantly without having to customise anything or write custom css code.
Huge amount of blocks out-of-the-box, including ones for grids, sliders, video players, call to action, buttons, Instagram, Twitch livestream, Author, blockquotes, etc. User requests and suggestions will shape the type of blocks added in the future updates.
Import/Export layouts to quickly re-use your designs, create backups or share with other users.
Global No Duplicates option
Each block can be set to load/not load on mobile and load/not load on desktops, allowing you to create completely different desktop/mobile layouts if you wish
A truly pro premium builder included that anyone can learn to use
Use the Tipi Builder for your homepage/pages/category/tag/custom taxonomy pages too
Can be used on a site that uses Gutenberg with no problems
The most intuitive and advanced builder ever made for magazines, newspapers, blogs and affiliate review sites. But can be used for shops and so much more.
Monetisation Opportunities
Here are some options in Zeen to help you improve the monetisation of your sites.

Patreon icons and links
Sponsored Posts
Ads can be placed practically anywhere. Including automatic insertion before/middle/end of post content.
Site Background Ad
Add stylish affiliate in your review
Slide In Promo Box
WooCommerce Quickview functionality
Add stylish affiliate in your info boxes
Advanced Newsletter Subscription integration
Newsletter Subscription appears when user tries to leave site
Advanced Shop functionality, integration and design
Beautiful Call To Action Blocks in the Tipi Builder
Beautiful Button Blocks in the Tipi Builder
Trending Functionality
Codetipi pioneered the ability to show your trending articles beautifully. Zeen takes it to a next level, with stunning trending megamenus and the ability to make any block in the Tipi Builder show your trending articles (globally or from specific category/tag).

Codetipi pioneered the ability to have completely different articles layouts in the WordPress theme world. Zeen takes it all to new heights, allowing you to create stunning articles every time, in the exact way you want. From minimal text articles to highly-visual photo stories, you can make each article feel the way it was always meant to feel like. No other theme on the market has the flexibility, options and design to create such stunning and special articles so easily.
New: Compatibility with “Customizer Search” plugin. Allows you to quickly find specific options in the Theme options panel
New: Compatibility with “Simple Primary Category” plugin. Allows you to set a primary category to posts without the need for Yoast SEO plugin
New: Tipi Builder: New Block: Custom Grid: Set custom images, text, etc. Perfect for linking to Category/Tags/Social Pages/call to actions, etc
New: Tipi Builder Toolbar: New tools (Bullet list/number list/Line Height/etc)
New: Tipi Builder: Call To Action blocks: Responsive font size option for title and content
New: Tipi Builder: Text block refactored and renamed to Text Editor
New: Tipi Builder: Call To Action Block: Set different title locations for desktop/mobile
Tipi Builder: Sticky Middle and Mix C blocks: Option to change position of wide column
New: Theme Options > Header > Header Base & Logo: New Header design: Full Menus on either side of logo
New: Theme Options > Header > Header Base & Logo: Reverse Secondary Menu Contents (Used to reverse position of social icons and menu items)
New: Theme Options > Header > Header Base & Logo: Reverse Main Menu Contents – Only applies to some header designs. (Used to reverse position of social icons and menu items)
New: Theme Options > Author Page: Option to change author box styling (dark/light)
New: Theme Options > Let’s Review section
New: Theme Options > Let’s Review: Show Scores Outside Post option
New: Theme Options > White Label section
New: Documentation: White Label section
New: Documentation: Instagram Feed explanation updated for latest Instagram API changes
New: Post: Listable: Standard Listicle Design (One page list)
New: Post: Listable: Countdown order: 1, 2, 3 or 3, 2, 1
New: New Review Type option: Visitor Comment Reviews (Big thanks to Stefan for funding the development of this feature)
New: New shortcode to get visitor comment review average final score: [letsreviewcommentaveragefinalscore postid=123] (Big thanks to Stefan for funding the development of this feature)
New: Tipi Builder: Grid Of 3 Alt block
New: Tipi Builder: Grids: Flip design option
New: Theme Options > Typography > Font Sizes: Copyright Line, Footer/Main Menu/Secondary Menu Social Icons, Mobile Header Icons font size options
New: Tipi Builder: Search Block: Animation options
Improved: Tipi Builder Performance
Improved: Google Fonts Performance
Improved: Slight overall performance boost
Improved: Side Gallery Feature: Images now openable in lightbox
Improved: Sticky Middle and Mix C blocks: Middle post is now newest post
Improved: Sticky Middle Block: Renamed to Sticky Big Post block
Improved: Updated Twitch streams to latest Twitch requirements
Improved: Posts: Sticky Details feature: You can now use HTML in Title/Content options
Improved: Block Hoverer: Each post space tile is now fully clickable
Improved: Secondary Menu: Can now use megamenu system
Improved: AMP: Video Post Formats now output video in AMP
Improved: Icons/Image review box outside of post styling
Improved: A few other styling details
Improved: Some styling details for WooCommerce
Improved: Post List featured renamed Listicle
Fix: Tipi Builder Gallery Block: Enabling Lightbox option made any captions in the gallery look strange
Fix: Archives: Layouts in infinite pagination would load excerpts even if it was disabled
Fix: Author Archive Page: Some layouts were broken. If using full screen layout, the author box will appear on top of posts automatically
Fix: Tipi Builder: Text block strange bugs (disappearing text when deleting lines, etc)
Updated: Documentation
Updated: Plugin: Let’s Social Count v1.1.7
Updated: Plugin: Let’s Info Up v.1.3.2
Updated: Plugin: Let’s Review v3.2
Updated: Plugin: Zeen Engine v2.6