Lisfinity – Classified Ads WordPress Theme v1.1.22 Nulled

Lisfinity – Classified Ads WordPress Theme v1.1.22 Nulled
Always a great new things:
NEW FEATURE – 100% Customizability of the 7 Lisfinity Elementor elements!
Customize as much as you need with the fullest possible Elementor customizability (Ads, Categories, Authors, Testimonials and so on…).
Prevent sellers for posting listings until they are approved by the site administration.
NEW FEATURE – VENDORS + PayPal + Stripe Connect
(become next eBay, AliExpress…or if you have Any Dealership…you take commission from sales…immediately…automated…now…WOW)
NEW LANGUAGE – FRENCH Lisfinity – Classified Ads WordPress Theme – 2
NEW LANGUAGE – SPANISH Lisfinity – Classified Ads WordPress Theme – 3

1.1.22 – 2021-02-23

The Highlight of the update – Hide Categories + New Improvements + Bug Fixes + Portuguese Language 🐞 💎 🇵🇹

New Features

Feature: Added option to hide categories by default. Useful if you wish to hide 18+ category listings by default and only allow them to be visible when the user specifically selects it

Fixed: Issue when sometimes nonce headers were not being correctly read by the server if the server caching was in place
Fixed: The illegal string offset ‘URL warning.
Improvement: Added option to set the business profile banner fallback image.
Search Page

Fixed: Error when the address wasn’t stored in the metatable
Business Page

Fixed: Not being able to update the working hours from the wp-admin area
Price Subscriptions

Fixed: Issue with the wrong product_id being set when including default promotions
Fixed: issue with the wrong product_id being set when including premium profile promotion
Email Subscriptions

Improved: Change the string Email to Choose what you wish to subscribe to in order to better represent the meaning of the section

Improved: Made it compatible with third-party WPML extensions like the FIFU plugin to be able to get images from the URL instead of storing them in the database

Improved: Made sure that the calculation in the payouts is taken from the order and not from the listings where the price can be changed or it can be removed before the payout has been made.
Listing Submission

Fixed: Not possible to delete default input fields from the database once the value has been stored
Fixed: PHP notices showing after submission of the listing.
Fixed: Not passing the 2nd step “Details”
Fixed: The format of the docs that can be uploaded was indicated wrong.
Improvement: Address taxonomies can be required

Fixed: Rating is not displaying a correct number.

Improved: Added option to set the step for the promotion duration.
Listings Compare

Fixed: Message when clicking to compare listings with no items selected for compare is wrong.
Fixed: The fallback image doesn’t display
Multicurrency Builder

Fixed: When the currency is switched, the price stays unchanged.
Improvement: The flow of the multicurrency switching
Home Search

Fixed: Search by id – wrong permalink of the ad.
Fixed: Price Field doesn’t work.
Search -Fixed: Range field doesn’t show the right numbers.

Fixed: The taxonomy icons, on the listings with the style 4, don’t show properly.


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