Lisfinity – Classified Ads WordPress Theme v1.1.19 Nulled

Lisfinity – Classified Ads WordPress Theme v1.1.19 Nulled
Always a great new things:
NEW FEATURE – 100% Customizability of the 7 Lisfinity Elementor elements!
Customize as much as you need with the fullest possible Elementor customizability (Ads, Categories, Authors, Testimonials and so on…).
Prevent sellers for posting listings until they are approved by the site administration.
NEW FEATURE – VENDORS + PayPal + Stripe Connect
(become next eBay, AliExpress…or if you have Any Dealership…you take commission from sales…immediately…automated…now…WOW)
NEW LANGUAGE – FRENCH Lisfinity – Classified Ads WordPress Theme – 2
NEW LANGUAGE – SPANISH Lisfinity – Classified Ads WordPress Theme – 3

1.1.19 – 2021-01-17

The Highlight of the update – Separation of Regular and Business users + Subscription Based Pricing Packages 👨⚖ 💸 💥 🎆

New Features
Feature: Separated regular and business accounts. Business accounts are now called Premium Profiles and they will much expand the limited possibilities of the regular accounts.
Feature: The added possibility of creating subscription-based pricing packages
Feature: Added option to pay for an additional listing when the monthly limit of packages has been reached
Feature: Added option to set the number of free promotions for every listing submitted through the subscription package
Feature: Added option to set an unlimited number of discounts depending on the number of months subscriptions
Feature: Added an option to enable pricing packages based on the account type, so now it is possible to make listing posting completely free for the business or regular accounts.
Feature: Added option to add custom logout redirection link from Lisfinity Options -> Register Setup
Feature: Added option for the store referral link that will be displayed as a button on the listing single page and will redirect customers to purchase the product on the outside page.
Feature: Allowed custom input of the taxonomies. If the field type is select and the slug of one option is “custom” when chosen by the user a text field for the manual input of the taxonomy will be displayed.
Fixed: PHP warning in the product-gallery.php file
Fixed: Notification Modal not displayed properly in the RTL format.
Tweaked: Removed Licencer from the theme
Fixed: Issue with the user avatar field not being displayed
Fixed: Wrong package name in the Active Package widget
Single Listing
Improvement: Add the option for displaying the date in the Listing Single.
Homepage Search
Fixed: Issue with the range fields not displaying
Listing Submission
Fixed: Not possible to featured image from the form
Search Page
Fixed: The range fields don’t show up.
Improved: Chosen filters duplicate term displayed instead of taxonomy
Improved: Slower loading of the images after a new search query has been made
Improved: More precise calculation of months that are purchased for the premium profile
New Element: Packages Subscription element has been added so that the subscription packages can be posted anywhere on the site
Fixed: Gallery Widget – option border-radius for the Large image didn’t work.
Fixed: Login Form- Remember Me option doesn’t show up.
Fixed: Banner Search Widget – keyword doesn’t display the label.
Fixed: Add the Range fields in the Banner Search Form For Elementor.
Fixed: Missing countdown clock and auction price on the ad page
Fixed: The Owner Buttons still showing on the single page after disabling it.
Improvement: Product Gallery: Added option to pick whether to display an image gallery or video gallery.
Feature: Elementor widget for displaying a banner image in the Single Listing


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