Total – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme v5.0.8 Nulled

Total – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme v5.0.8 Nulled
Total is a modern and responsive WordPress theme that combines the power of the WordPress Customizer and the Visual Composer page builder to allow you to create a website for virtually anything. The theme was created with many different niches and professions in mind – corporations, small business, online stores, lawyers, agencies, wedding planners, hosting companies, non-profits, bloggers and more. We’ve made sure to include enough features and settings so that you can create pretty much any site! Have a look at our growing list of demos so you can get a glimpse at what is possible with the Total premium WordPress theme.

The Freelancer’s Dream Theme: If you are a freelancer you will especially enjoy using the Total theme. Long gone are the days where you would have to search for a new theme for each client. Once you get familiar with Total you’ll want to use it on all your client sites making things easier and faster! You can start out by importing one of our beautiful online demos and tweak it for your client’s needs or simply develop the site from scratch by adding your page content with the page builder and tweaking your design and main theme settings via the live WordPress customizer.

Just have a look at some of our industry specific homepage examples to get an idea of just what kind of magic Total is capable of. The theme is packed to the brim with great features like WooCommerce integration or Unlimited Portfolios. At a price that is less than a tank of gas there?s no reason not to get Total today and start building your new website!

Unlimited Custom Pages: WordPress page templates are nice…but when you need to start editing things for your client or your own needs you will have to use code. But not with Total. Use the included Visual Composer page builder to create unique layouts in no time for each one of your pages and wow your client and/or visitors.

v5.0.8 – December 22, 2020
ADDEDCustomizer option to choose your Lightbox skin (light option added).
ADDEDCustomizer shadow option for the scroll to top button.
ADDEDCustomizer reveal offset option for the scroll to top button so you can choose the distance from the top of the page when scrolling down at which point the button should become visible (you can enter 0 to display button always).
ADDEDCustomizer option to set the Sticky Header “Logo Shrunk Font Size” so if you aren’t using an Image based logo you can still have a nicely animated shrink header style by setting the text based logo font size to a smaller value than the default font size.
ADDEDAbility to define a Dynamic template for the Post Series archives via the Customizer.
ADDEDFunction and filter “wpex_header_logo_img_class” which returns an array of classes for use with the theme header logo image tag.
ADDEDFunction and filter “wpex_header_logo_txt_class” which returns an array of classes for use with the theme header text based logo.
ADDED“wpex_enqueue_lightbox_scripts” action hook.
ADDED“has-aside” classname to the .page-header element if the page-header-aside element exists as a child element.
ADDED“wpex_attachment_video” filter which can be used to filter an attachment’s video.
ADDEDNew CSS utility classes for animation and transition-delay (see updated docs).
UPDATEDTotal Theme Core to version 1.2.7
UPDATEDWPBakery to version 6.5.0
UPDATEDRevolution slider to version 6.3.3
UPDATEDWPBakery self-hosted video backgrounds to include the “playsinline” attribute and removed CSS used to hide video backgrounds on mobile so they can display.
UPDATEDTotal WPBakery post modules so when the Automatic Query is enabled if there aren’t any posts it will display a notice on the frontend that reads “No posts found for your query.” (most useful for custom search results).
UPDATEDThe “wpex_social_share_items” function to make it possible to completely override the icons used in the theme’s social share function (sample snippet).
UPDATEDEqual Heights function to trigger a re-layout of the masonry script when used on masonry grids to prevent overlaps.
FIXEDPage header title rendering as a flex element and page-header-aside element being added to the page header area when empty.
FIXEDMissing “site-footer-inner” class from the Total 5.0 update.
FIXEDIssue with Cards API “template” parameter not working when registering custom cards.
FIXEDIssues with SVG images and the Image module.
FIXEDTheme Settings metabox Post Embed field and Post Slider fields not saving.
FIXEDPadding issue on sub-dropdowns parent item on screens under 1280px.
FIXEDIssue where Custom Fonts were not adding the font-style attribute to the CSS causing italics to not work properly.
FIXEDIssue with Video perspective in the Teaser Box module and updated the module.
FIXEDPost Count option not working in the Post Types Unlimited plugin for custom taxonomies.
FIXEDRTL issues with Logo Icon custom right margin.
FIXEDSticky header offset when the topbar is also sticky but not visible.
FIXEDPotential issues with the page animations functionality in WP 5.6 and certain browsers.
REMOVEDContact Form 7 from the “recommended” plugins notice so only the bundled plugins are recommended.


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