Lisfinity – Classified Ads WordPress Theme v1.1.21 Nulled

Lisfinity – Classified Ads WordPress Theme v1.1.21 Nulled
Always a great new things:
NEW FEATURE – 100% Customizability of the 7 Lisfinity Elementor elements!
Customize as much as you need with the fullest possible Elementor customizability (Ads, Categories, Authors, Testimonials and so on…).
Prevent sellers for posting listings until they are approved by the site administration.
NEW FEATURE – VENDORS + PayPal + Stripe Connect
(become next eBay, AliExpress…or if you have Any Dealership…you take commission from sales…immediately…automated…now…WOW)
NEW LANGUAGE – FRENCH Lisfinity – Classified Ads WordPress Theme – 2
NEW LANGUAGE – SPANISH Lisfinity – Classified Ads WordPress Theme – 3

v1.1.21 – 2021-02-04
The Highlight of the update – Receive Email When Outbid + Display Listings by Price Type + Bug Fixes + Many Improvements 💸 📩 🐞
Feature: Display listings based on the price type
Feature: Option to subscribe to receive emails when an offer has been outbid
Fixed: When removed the social networks and save the changes, they reappear again straight after.
Fixed: The default account type in the Register Setup doesn’t work.
Fixed: When configuring the cost of the payment profile per day and setting a discount, the checkout page displays the discount per month.
Fixed: On mobile, the avatar doesn’t display on the menu.
Payment Packages
Fixed: Issue with editing package features & promotions
Fixed: Bug when subscription package has been set to an unlimited amount of listings.
Fixed: Issue with the orders sometimes not displaying
Fixed: Resolved white screen issue in the dashboard if the commission product cannot be found
Fixed: The notification modal not displaying in the viewport.
Fixed: The fallback image didn’t display in the dashboard -> single listing.
Business Details
Fixed: Issue with logo changing
Feature: Added option to display listings based on the price type
Search Page
Fixed: Issue where the map would throw an error if a listing was missing coordinates
Fixed: The height of the map doesn’t show correctly.
Listing Page
Fixed: Added option for disabling the sidebar promotion.
Fixed: Added fallback image to the Send a Message modal.
Improved: Added an option to choose when promoted listing in the sidebar should be visible
Improved: An email is now being sent to notify the listing owner if the listing is out of stock
Search Builder
Fixed: The minimum number doesn’t display correctly.
Fixed: Issue where the promotion price calculation was 0 on some occasions
Fixed: Issue with the subscription package additional product wrong title (not backward compatible)
Listing Submission
Fixed: While editing the product and there is only one option marked in the checkboxes, it throws an error when another option is marked.
Improvement: Added Option for choosing required taxonomies.
Business Profile
Fixed: Does not display work schedule properly on the contact page.
Fixed: The seller’s site is not displayed.
Fixed: The seller’s email is not displayed.
Fixed: When the profile is switched over to a Business account the Listing location doesn’t show on the Search Listings.
Fixed: Listing Address is not displayed correctly on the Lsifinity -> Ads.
Fixed: The list numbers don’t appear on the pages.
Fixed: Removed Elementor Warnings.


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