Avada – Responsive MultiPurpose WP Theme v7.1 Untouched nulled

Avada – Responsive MultiPurpose WP Theme v7.1 Untouched nulled
Avada is the #1 selling WordPress theme on the market. Simply put, it is the most versatile, easy to use multi-purpose WordPress theme. It is truly one of a kind, other themes can only attempt to include the vast network options that Avada includes. Avada is all about building unique, creative and professional websites through industry leading options network without having to touch a line of code. Our amazingly flexible network of options is paired with an easy to use interface that allows anyone from beginner to advanced build beautiful, responsive websites. It is not only a theme, it is a powerful design tool. Avada can be anything you wish it to be because of our flexible framework. It has a clean design, a fully responsive framework, industry leading options network and the intuitive Fusion Builder that makes page building a breeze. Avada definitely sets the new standard with endless possibilities, top-notch support, and incredible featured packed updates requested from our users. Avada is the most easy to use theme on the market and completely ready to operate out of the box. Built with HTML5 & CSS3, a lot of thought and care went into this theme making it a pleasure to use.

Version 7.1 – October 06th, 2020
Avada 7.1 introduces the Avada Form Builder, our fully integrated form solution, that lets you design any form just within
the builder interface you are used to. Our incredibly customizable form builder comes with 19 different input types, new form styling options,
4 different submission options (email, database, URL and POST), confirmation and privacy options and so much more.

See the promo video here: https://bit.ly/30C8mUu

– NEW: 2 professionally designed prebuilt websites using the new Avada Form Builder
– NEW: Avada Form Builder our fully integrated form solution
– NEW: Added 19 form input elements to create virtually any form
– NEW: Added HubSpot support for Avada Forms for easy CRM integration
– NEW: Added a new Global Option to easily choose the image lazy loading method
– NEW: Added text shadow option to the Title element
– NEW: Added margin option to the Alert element
– NEW: Added maximum number of elements and post status option to FAQ element
– NEW: Added a filter to the prebuilt websites page, so that imported websites can easily be seen at once
– NEW: Added “None” choice to the tooltip option in Social Links element
– NEW: WordPress native auto updates for themes and plugins are now supported
– NEW: Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.5
– PERFORMANCE: Made sure Slider Revolution custom Avada styles database queries are not performed on every admin page load
– IMPROVEMENT: CPT taxonomies are now supported in Avada Live editor using a filter
– IMPROVEMENT: Changed the source order for self-hosted video backgrounds in Container element for better browser loading
– IMPROVEMENT: Image element using post image as dynamic data now displaying the post’s image even in archives
– IMPROVEMENT: Updated several option descriptions and dependencies for better usability
– UPDATED: Custom jQuery code to resolve warnings with the jQuery migrate plugin
– UPDATED: Font Awesome now is on version 5.15 offering 1609 icons
– FIXED: Price and popularity ordering clauses on the WooCommerce shop page, specifically for variable products
– FIXED: WooCommerce cart icon not correctly highlighting, when the cart is not empty in legacy headers
– FIXED: Compatibility issue with WooCommerce bundled products plugin and quick view
– FIXED: HTML tags in product titles not being correctly displayed on the WooCommerce cart page
– FIXED: WooCommerce placeholder image linking to current page in Avada’s image gallery
– FIXED: Fatal error happening on prebuilt website import, if the website uses WooCommerce but the plugin is not active on local
– FIXED: “Open Portfolio Links In New Window” option not working for the linked post title in the Portfolio element
– FIXED: “Custom Link URL On Archives” option not working for the post image when rollover is disabled
– FIXED: HubSpot plugin activation not working correctly from the prebuilt websites install modal
– FIXED: Flyout menu item background image option is missing if mega menu is disabled in Global Options
– FIXED: 404 assets error when using the WordPress Customizer
– FIXED: Avada Slider alignment being incorrect on RTL sites, when using the slider assignment through Page Options
– FIXED: RTL animation issue with slide animation in Avada Slider
– FIXED: Title element left/right position being wrong on RTL sites when using no separator
– FIXED: Title element not correctly centered when using center alignment with animations but without before/after text
– FIXED: A few backend dashboard alignment issues for RTL sites
– FIXED: Compatibility issue with Yoast, when saving a custom layout while WooCommerce is active causes a fatal error
– FIXED: Compatibility issue with Dokan plugin
– FIXED: Compatibility issue with LearnDash plugin when using the Layout Builder
– FIXED: Compatibility issue with MediaVine plugin when using the Layout Builder
– FIXED: Compatibility issue with latest Events Calendar Pro widgets when used in the Widget element
– FIXED: Main menu button in custom header not displaying sub-menus when in mobile mode
– FIXED: Main menu button icon in custom header displaying incorrectly when in mobile mode
– FIXED: Sticky visibility option not working in Menu element
– FIXED: Menu item image being squeezed when using vertical mode in Menu element
– FIXED: Icon only menu elements and cart icon position being to high in Menu element
– FIXED: Custom search icon having incorrect padding when using icon only option in Menu
– FIXED: Lightbox script causing a JS error, when image source is missing
– FIXED: Second highlight part becoming invisible in Title element highlight animation when loop is turned off
– FIXED: Special menu item options also being displayed on sub-menu levels
– FIXED: Line breaks not working in Text Block element when used in a Global element
– FIXED: ACF fields set for a specific post category not being available in dynamic content options
– FIXED: Visibility options not working in Image Before & After element, if fade animation is used
– FIXED: Generic class name “large” causing potential compatibility issues with other plugin
– FIXED: Popover element arrow being misplaced
– FIXED: Drop shadow getting removed in Image element when border radius is set to 50%
– FIXED: Center alignment choice in Video element causing a CSS issue, leading to incorrect alignment and size
– FIXED: Image sizes sometimes being loaded incorrectly after a a layout section like header or page title bar
– FIXED: JSON file upload not working for Lottie element unless activated through a plugin
– FIXED: Anchor scrolling animation being double invoked on Content Boxes element title, causing a slight animation delay
– FIXED: Live search not working when using an apostrophe in the search term
– FIXED: Archive element infinite scroll not correctly working for portfolio and other CPTs
– FIXED: PHP notices on blank page placeholder, when using PolyLang
– FIXED: PHP notice on archive pages when using the layout builder
– FIXED: A few compatibility issues with old PHP versions (5.6.x)
– FIXED: Layout Builder global layouts not being translatable in WPML and PolyLang
– FIXED: Carousel element images cropped when using WordPress lazy loading (fixed through a new Global Option)
– FIXED: Related Posts layout element misses related CSS and JS if Image Carousel element is disabled in Avada Builder options
– FIXED: “Avada Builder Library” string not being translatable
– FIXED: WCAG issue with search form missing aria label
– FIXED: WCAG issue where tab focus is not trapped within the open lightbox
– FIXED: WCAG issue with lightbox icons missing role
– FIXED: WCAG issue with mobile menu sub-menu expand icons missing focus
– FIXED: WCAG issue of “read more” links, missing aria label
– FIXED: WCAG issue of search form where aria label was empty
– FIXED: Border radius set on Column element cutting Avada Live UI for Nested Columns element
– FIXED: Slider Revolution causing a JS error when using post slider option but no slides could be found
– FIXED: Switch options displaying 0/1 instead of no/yes in the descriptions in Avada Live
– FIXED: Items disappearing in Blog element in Avada Live, when title, excerpt and met data are disabled
– FIXED: Read more symbol in Blog element not working on re-render in Avada Live


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